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Crikvenica, a place on the northern coast of Croatia, enchants visitors with its beautiful nature, which includes a variety of elements, from the coast to the green mountain peaks. Its beauty is not only in the endless beaches and crystal clear sea, but also in the nearby breathtaking natural benefits. This area is not only surrounded by beautiful coastal landscapes, but also boasts the proximity of two imposing mountain ranges, Velebit and Učka, which enrich the view of the region with its wild beauty and richness of ecosystems.

When you mention Velebit, you immediately think of spectacular landscapes, wild mountain trails, forests rich in diverse flora and fauna, and dramatic rocks that descend into deep canyons. This mountain range, which stretches along the Adriatic coast, provides a variety of natural beauty that attracts adventure lovers, hikers, but also explorers of wild ecosystems. Velebit is home to numerous endemic species of plants and animals that have adapted to the specific conditions of this mountainous area. From forest dishes to endemic flowering plants, Velebit abounds in biodiversity that makes this mountain range one of the jewels of Croatian nature.

Učka, on the other hand, offers a kind of oasis of natural beauty that descends towards the Adriatic Sea with an impressive 1,401 meters above sea level. This mountain range, located above the Kvarner Bay, attracts the eye with its oak and chestnut forests and spacious pastures that stretch along the mountain slopes. Učka is also home to a rich flora and fauna, with many endemic species enriching this region with a unique ecosystem. In addition, the diversity of the terrain allows for a variety of activities such as hiking, climbing and exploring natural trails leading to hidden waterfalls and clear mountain streams.

Trails of unusual and interesting names such as The Trail of the Waves, Karst and Tasting Trail, Cliff Trail, Green Trail, Heavenly Trail, Roman Trail, Degenia Trail, will definitely lead you to explore.

"Staza Valova" begins in Povile and ends in Jadranovo. The total length of the trail is 30 km, along the coastline, passing through the towns of Povile, Novi Vinodolski, Selce, Crikvenica, Dramalj, and Jadranovo. The wave trail runs through an uninhabited area from the Zagori campsite in Novi Vinodolski to Slana bay in Selce, then from the Kačjak peninsula in Dramalj to Perhat in Jadranovo and is marked only in that part. Although the trail passes along a populated area, it has retained the beauty of untouched nature, of which the most prominent are holm oak forest in the Dumboke area and the steep cliffs of Takla and Dumboke.

The Krša i kuša trail begins in Novi Vinodolski and ends at the Orljak pass at 260 m above sea level between Jadranovo and Drivenik. The total length of the trail is 28 km, and for the most part it passes through a low hillridge with an average height of approximately 300 m above sea level, which separates the Vinodol valley from the sea. The reef is steep towards the Vinodol Valley, while the slope towards the sea is mild. In the area of Crikvenica, the ridge is intersected by the water course of the River Dubračina. The trail offers wonderful views of the coast and islands in Kvarner, the Velebit and Učka mountains, the lake in Tribalj, hill-forts in Drivenik and Grižane and passes along the Badanj hill-fort, chapels of St. Kuzam and St. Barbara and the church of St. Jurja.

The Litica trail begins in the Vinište mountain hut situated at 300 m above sea level, and extends all the way down to the base of the grassy hill called Zebra in the Uhnj area, high above the village of Drivenik, at an elevation of 748 meters. The entire trail is 29 km long and includes steep stone cliffs above the Vinodol Valley. In the beginning, the trail passes along the slopes of the first row of the coastal ridge above Klenovica and Povil, and after the settlement of Zagon it begins to climb the steep cliffs above Vinodol. Frequent changes in the appearance of the trail, from rocky ground and shade of mountain scissors to mountain meadows, make it dynamic and interesting. As part of the Litica Trail you can visit the peak of Gradina at an elevation of 379 meters, viewpoints like Kameni križ, Kacalj, Klamaruša, and Slipica, the arranged viewpoint Pridva, mountain meadows Njivine and Zebra, as well as the rocky massif of Kozak (669 meters above sea level). Notable is also the fortress Ledenice, which was part of the defensive line against the Ottomans until the end of the 17th century.

"Zelena" trail begins in Luka Krmpotska near the hunting lodge at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level and ends at the top of Medviđak at 1027 meters above sea level. The total length of the trail is 45 kilometers, including the mountain meadows of the southern slopes of Ričički bila, Rujnik and Sitovnik, as well as the mountain peaks Rujnik (1042 m above sea level), Sitovnik (1048 m above sea level), Zagradski vrh (1187 m above sea level), Kanculova glava (1120 m above sea level) and Medviđak (1027 m above sea level). In the initial phase, the trail passes through mountain meadows that offer a beautiful view of the sea, islands in Kvarner and Velebit on the one hand, while on the other hand it provides a view of the highest mountain peaks of the area (Ričičko bilo, Strilež, Viševica, etc.). After passing through Sitovnik, the trail enters the forest part, which alternates with gentle meadows such as Okruglo, Ravno, Laze and Suha. Also, it is definitely worth visiting the Glass Chapel, located near the hunting lodge in Luka Krmpotska.

"Nebeska" trail begins in the Luka Krmpotska near the hunting lodge at 750 m above sea level, and ends at the top of Medviđak at 1027 m above sea level. The total length of the trail is 53.70 km, it includes the highest mountain peaks of the area, namely: Crni vrh (1169 m above sea level), Ričičko bilo (1286 m above sea level), Veliki Smolnik (1279 m above sea level), Strilež (1381 m above sea level), Viševica (1428 m above sea level), Zagradski vrh (1187 m above sea level), Veliki Kobiljak (1112 m above sea level) and Medviđak (1027 m above sea level). North of the mountain peaks there are vast expanses of beech and spruce forests, and at their foot there are gentle mountain plateaus Kolevratsko polje, Petnja, Crni kal, Maševo, Lukovo, Ravno and Ličko polje. It is worth visiting the peaks of Viševica and Ričičko bilo, the church of Maša, the stone hip of Strmeljeva and the Bansk Chair, which has three large rocks that resemble heads.

"Staza Rimljana" begins in Crikvenica near the City Sports Hall and for the most part follows the course of the Dubračina river all the way to its source near the village of Čandrli, behind Drivenik. The total length of the trail is 15 kilometers, and it is named after the Roman road that passed along the stream in Roman times, connecting Tarsatica (Trsat) with Senia (Senj). During the walk, it is worth visiting the preserved part of the Roman road, the ruins of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit from the 14th century, the old Croatian cemetery Stranče, mills in the village of Cerovići and the fortress at Gradina near Drivenik.

"Staza Degenije" begins in Sibinj and ends in Kozica, in the autocamp. The total length of the trail is 10 kilometers, encompassing two canyon drags that creep into the mainland between the hills Veliki vrh (512 m above sea level), Osredak (502 m above sea level) and Vrataruša (510 m above sea level). The trail is named after Velebit degenia, an endemic plant that was previously considered characteristic only for Velebit. The path of the trail passes through Vodna draga and goes around Tomiška draga along the northern and western rocky coast at an altitude of 400 to 500 meters above sea level.

In addition to these mountain beauties, Crikvenica offers magical promenades that lead through densely overgrown forests and beautiful landscapes. Visitors can explore the surrounding parks and reserves, enjoying the smell of pinetrees and flowers surrounding these trails. Thanks to its coastal location, Crikvenica also offers extraordinary opportunities for watching seabirds and other marine animals, providing an unforgettable experience for all wildlife lovers.

Ultimately, the natural beauty of Crikvenica, enriched with spectacular mountain ranges such as Velebit and Učka, represent an enchanting blend of coastal beauty and mountain wonders. This area offers a wealth of breathtaking natural wonders, making Crikvenica one of the most desirable destinations for all those who appreciate the beauty of the wilderness and yearn to explore untouched nature.

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